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New York Presbyterian Hospital, like many medical facilities, found it needed to have information flow freely. Information is gathered from the moment the patient is admitted in the hospital until discharge. This information needs to be accessible to all interested parties that come in contact with the patient. The survey pointed out that both the physician and the nursing staff needs to know certain patient specific information. Lab results and other test results are cited by both the physician and nurses as important patient specific data. Because physicians required more information to make a proper diagnosis, they required more patient specific information than the nurses.

Physician need to have access to:

*Allow them to connect directly with laboratory and radiology facilities.

*Allow them to have abnormal laboratory results flagged automatically, alerting them to issues which need to be addressed immediately.

*Allow them to incorporate findings from 'ancillary' equipment, such as 'scopes', EKG, Ultrasound etc.,

directly into the chart.

*Minimize or eliminate duplication of documentation from other medical equipment, such as cardiac catheterization, etc.

*Allow them to connect directly with Pharmacies

*Assist them with HIPAA compliance

Nurses are more reactionary, so they cited a need for more Institutional and Domain information than physicians

Nurses require access to:

*Allow them to connect with census reports

*Allow the to review current drug information

*Assist them with diagnostic definitions

*Allow them to review education material

In the survey there were other difficulties regarding sharing information and communication. Let's take a closer look at specific information needs and the possible solutions.

Problem list

Physicians identified problem list as a critical need for proper patient care. The problem list can be generated in the admission office or the Emergency Room. During the initial triage, the information...