New York Times Scholarship Part 3

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New York Times Scholarship - Part III                 My one greatest academic achievement that I've accomplished         would have to be keeping good and consistent grades throughout my         three and half years in high school.

                This single thing, even though it is over a span of years, is the most                 important to me because after all the hard work that you've put in, you                         finally see your academic average on your transcript. I'm very proud of                         my average right now which currently stands at . I think this number                         is the most important one because it symbolizes what I've done over a                         substantial and important part of my life. This shows that I can stay on         track over a period of time and perform the tasks that I'm put to do even         with distractions along the way.

                As most people who have passed through high school know, there         are lots of pressures that a student goes through.

Besides the peer         pressures of cutting class and doing what my friends are doing, I also         have to juggle extra curricular activities, such as an and a         part-time job working at . All this on top of the tons         of homework that teachers assign and all the stress involved with the         college application process, might just drive anyone off track, especially         over the course of four years.

                The only way to survive all these things is to stay focused on your         task and be disciplined throughout the four years. This is why I believe         that my cumulative average is my most important academic achievement.