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Andrew Oh

Describe the outlook from a New Zealand or International landmark that has special relevance to you

A gaze upon the night sky

In the darkness I go outside into the woodland and I gently place my telescope up into the night sky. The dazzling moonlight aluminates the hollow firmament. The moonlight stretches across the boundary. The trees dance to the music of the passing wind. Tranquillity flits from tree to tree. Endless humming of insects fill the frosty breeze. Their gentle breath waltzes across my skin, painting a colour of calmness inside my head. A kiwi sings, adding a gentle melody to the moonlight sonata. Amused, my feet begins to stomp, coating the beat of the forest orchestra with a mysterious energy.

The city sleeps silently, as if time itself has stopped ticking to grace me with this majestic sight. Towers, cars, shrines and houses lie open unto the bare field as the moon hovers over it, like a colossus.

The cool atmosphere overwhelms me, choking my whole body. The feeling of childish hour wraps around me as the evoked memories floods my mind, washing away any dullness. The city wears the beauty of the moonlight, like an angle.

Ah, now it appears! A single isolated star sparkles alongside the moonlight. Flashing its majestic light, it is gradually joined by others, filling the firmament with their bright and glittering beauty. Covering Aotearoa's gentle atmosphere. A sky occupied with stars above my head, such a delight watching these stars dance to the music of night. In the silence of the night, a spectacular sight, a sky

The moonlight unveils the beauty hidden within the darkness. The constellation of the night sky dotted with shining stars. The majestic light calls my name, drawing the pattern of forgotten past. An...