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Newlyweds seem to go right from the honeymoon into arguments. This is usually due to miscommunication, which leads to not understanding each other, which is a result of their different communication styles and not that they are not right for each other. Assumption probably leads to half of the divorces (adultery being the other half) because some newlyweds (could be either the male or female) assume that an argument or disagreement is over when the conversation is over while their better half will still be mad or upset due to the miscommunication. This is something newlyweds definatly need to be aware of if

they want their marriage to last. I became aware of this when I read two articles about the differences in male and female communications styles and patterns that definatly help clear up how a male or a female thinks in their conversations.

One of those articles is "His Talk, Her Talk" by Joyce Maynard. Maynard's article is about how men and women communicate differently. She talks about how men and woman have different styles and even though they are different, that does not mean they are bad. "And that it's a natural instinct to seek out, on occasion, the company of one's own sex, excluding members of the other sex and not feel guilty about it" (Maynard, 27). This a perfect example where she is trying to educate both men and woman that we talk differently. Differently referring to our usual topic of discussions and the reason for us to

have conversations. "I don't want to reinforce old stereotypes of bubble-headed women (Lucy and Ethel), clinking their coffee cups over talk of clothes and diets

while the men remove themselves to lean on mantels, puff on cigars and muse about world politics, machines and philosophy" (Maynard,