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Essay by Ramboseller October 2004

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Making Wrongs Right, at a Price

In our society today bigger and more worrying issues are often left out of the media's spotlight, replaced by a pop-stars or a celebrity events. Many people including myself are poorly informed about such issues as in Sudan, which has been in the dark for almost a decade. Sudan is a third world country located within Africa that is c urrently plunging deeper and deeper into peril. Enraged Arab militia know as the Janjaweed backed the Sudanese government run wild free to murder, rape and plunder the black African occupants of Sudan.

There atrocities have been happening in Sudan for almost a decade now unwatched, unnoticed. Peter Takirambudde from Human Rights Watch bursts out during an international meeting, he said "Rape, assaults and looting continue daily even as people are being driven from their homes". The Janjaweed have already killed thousands and drove nearly 1 million black Africans from their homes that had accused the government of favouring the Arab population in Sudan.

The government denies this but later, funds and backs the Janjaweed to continue their campaign to eradicate the black Africans living in Sudan. The international community has recently taken notice of this violence offered solutions. These were later rejected by the Sudanese government who assured the UN that they would bring Janjaweed under control. The UN distrusting the Sudanese government said they would intervene using whatever means possible unless they completely disarmed the Janjaweed within 30 days.

Many countries suggest air borne aid to the black Africans living in camps mainly along the outskirts of Sudan. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are living in mass refugee camps with little to no water, food and shelter. The likely hood of diseases like malaria becoming water borne are already high and rising as...