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According to there is over one hundred and fifteen million news papers produced in the United States alone. That number is multiplied by infinity as you circle the globe. Four newspapers that I have chosen to read are; "The Barnet and Potters Bar Times '', "The New York Observer '', "The Shetland Times'', and "The Manchester Star".

The two newspapers that I have chosen to write about are "The Barnet and Potters Bar Times'' produced in England, and "The New York Observer'' produced in the United States. I selected these two newspapers because I feel that they show the sharpest contrast of all the newspapers I have read. Both papers where printed on February 9, 2003.

The first thing I noticed about "The Barnet and Potters Bar Times'' was how well written it was. Even the people's quotes read like poetry. For example, Lance Corporal Luke Ling was quoted saying about getting called up for the war in Iraq, "I've served with the regular army before, so I don't know if I am as worried as other people.

But I am feeling trepidation, excitement and fear of the unknown, although not the conflict." Another thing I noticed about this paper where the number of sales coupons, ranging from twenty percent off picture frames to a free hour of divorce counseling. The sale coupons where clearly aimed at middle aged adults, and where located throughout the newspaper, even on the front page.

The one thing that jumped out at me about "The New York Observer'' was the lack of photographs. The paper was filled with character drawings of each articles main subject. Also, in "The New York Observer'', the "Arts and Entertainment" section had real art exhibits and gallery showings, not just movie...