A newspaper article written in the tone of Babbit's time period. Gives a broad overview of his life as it would appear to an outsider (such as a reporter). 784 words

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If the great city of Zenith had to be known for one thing it would be its upstanding citizens. These fine people are the foundation that our city was built on and they show their dedication and love for Zenith everyday, last night being no exception. At the 25th Annual Businessmen's Convention George F. Babbitt of Babbitt-Thompson Realty made himself and realtors everywhere proud. Already being a distinguished speaker after his presentation at S.A.R.E.B. and being very influential in the recent local election because of his campaign speaking Mr. Babbitt has become a well-respected figure on the social scene. As for last night he gave a stirring speech about the future of Zenith and the great role that all of us play in it. Here's a highlight from last night's speech, "...it's here in Zenith, the home for manly men and womanly woman and bright kids, that you find the largest proportion of these Regular Guys, and that's what sets it in a class by itself; that why Zenith will be remembered in history..."(185)

Mr. Babbitt went on to speak about the real estate market in Zenith and his hopes and dreams for, " the little old Zip City" and its great citizens. At one point in his speech he read an article that a close friend of his, T. Cholmondeley Frink, wrote about his lecture tours. It was a piece that struck home with many of the guests and was a great addition to his presentation. After the convention, Newsweek was able to speak with Mr. Babbitt and learn a little more about him.

Residing in the respectable Floral Heights area Mr. Babbitt is an exemplary citizen. Of course his home is outfitted with all the modern conveniences and being "a pious motorist" it has a gleaming motorcar...