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NEWSPEAK The language of 1984 Newspeak, "the only language that grows smaller every year", is a version of English that is completely broken down. This language is so broken down that neither you nor I could understand a single sentence of it without learning it.

The language of Newspeak not only deletes words with more than one meaning but even deletes many nouns! There would be no words even to describe justice, freedom, liberty, leisure, patriotism, or any other words of this sort! They would all be translated into one thing, thoughtcrime. But in truth, after 2050 when the language is to be completely adapted and Oldspeak completely forgotten, there will be no way to commit a thoughtcrime! Based on the belief that we think in words or the base of thought is language, in Newspeak there will be no words to express a thoughtcrime. A good example out in the book is that it is possible in Newspeak to actually say all mans are equal.

This sentence could only be understood as an untruth. Political equality, in concept, did not exist any longer. This Newspeak sentence is as saying all men are of equal size, strength, or weight. A person who was born to the sole language of Newspeak would not know the political form of equal, as a non-chess player would not know the chess meaning connected to queen.

With all citizen of Oceania well trained in doublethink and the sole language being Newspeak there would be no possible way for anyone to commit a thoughtcrime at all. And with Oldspeak completely forgotten there would be no possible ways for a citizen to lapse even as far to say a sentence such as all mans are equal.