The Next Generation in New Iraq

Essay by sara88 December 2007

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One can find three types of children in Iraq. Through these three types we can estimate what the future of Iraq will be. Many Children in Iraq are suffering one trauma after another. Many of them have to pass dead bodies on the street as they walk to school. Others have seen their relatives or their parents killed or have been injured in mortar or bomb attacks or at the hand of terrorists (USA Today, 2007). As a result of the conflict, a second type appears orphans. Most of them are angry and more violent than other kids. Sunni orphans won't play with Shia children because Shiites killed their parents, and the same thing is happening with Shiite orphans (CBS news, 2007 a). The third type is the children who are not suffering any trauma, but are refusing to go to school because they think that they are going to be either displaced or killed.

As a result, they spend they're time playing war games, which contributes to sectarian hatred between Shiite and Sunni (CBS news, 2007 b).

Wars, the fear of insecurity are affecting everyone, and the Iraqi government is not doing anything to change the situation. Why? I can't conclude any reasonable answer yet. Trauma became a very normal effect of the horrible things one can see in Iraq. It doesn't happen to children only, but to teenagers and adults as well. In the second article, I liked the sentence: "Don't forget Saddam Hussein was raised as an orphan." It is absolutely true; it makes me wonder if we are going to have another Saddam Hussein in the future. Probably the answer will be yes if the situation continues like that. In the same article I felt so sad for Fahad; the orphan child who...