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World History Final Exam Study Sheet

Emergence of Civilization

Archeologists-scientists who dig into ancient settlements to find objects made by early hominids

Anthropologists-scientists who study the remains of skeletons

Hominids-early humanlike creatures as well as all humans

Neanderthals-early homo-sapiens

Culture and Cultural diffusion- set of beliefs, knowledge, and patterns of living people; spreading culture to other cultures vise versa

Paleolithic-oldest period of Stone Age

Mesolithic-middle Stone Age

Neolithic-New Stone Age

Hunter Gatherers- Men went out to hunt; women remained near campsite to tend to children

Bronze Age-bronze was discovered->tin and copper ore

Iron Age-Iron was discovered->Iron ore

Characteristics of Civilizations- Complex->Simple->Farming->Hunter-Gatherer.

Job specialization- When civilization settled down-artisans of some sort.

Primary sources- When a person experiences a certain event firsthand.

Secondary sources- When a person hears of an event from another source.

First Civilizations

Nile River- longest river in the world, stretch for 4,160 miles.

Menes/Narmer- king of Upper Egypt, united all of Egypt into one Empire.

Hatshepsut- female pharaoh, 1503 to 1482, secured borders and brought trade to other lands.

Tutankhamen-Tutankhamen was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom.

Maat- Maat is the goddess of truth, justice, and cosmic order, also the daughter of the sun god Ra.

Hyskos-Hyskos were "foreigners" from Egypt to Asia, introduced new war weapons-chariot and bow.

Book of dead-The book of the dead is a collection of ancient Egyptian papyrus books, many with elaborate illustrations, each containing prayers, hymns, incantations, and formulas for the behavior of the souls of the dead.

Cuneiform-Sumerian writing made by pressing a wedge shaped tool into clay.

Rosetta Stone- Black basalt stone with hieroglyphs, demotic characters, and Greek, descript Hieroglyphs.

Code of Hammurabi-The Code of Hammurabi is a well-preserved Babylonian law code of ancient Mesopotamia,