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Nicola Machiavelli was born on May 3, 1469. He was a man who lived in Florence. He worked as a diplomat and grew up to be a lawyer and politician. As he grew up, he took office until the Medici took power and pushed him out of office. In 1512 to 1527, he was kicked out of office again and this led to his in-depth view of the politics at that time. When he wrote The Prince he was determined to regain the favors of the Medici Family and to help other rulers keep their power. This was intended to help only the rulers and not the lower classes. He uses a few themes in his book to help these leaders maintain power. These themes are ways to become a ruler, free will and qualities and characteristics of a prince.

There are different ways in becoming a ruler. Such ways include hereditarily, mixed inheritors, and conquering.

Hereditarily, you can become a ruler by being born into royal blood. Machiavelli says that this way is the easiest of all ways because it gives little problems. Now, if you have mixed inheritors, then problems start showing itself. The people start to think for themselves and they choose their own ruler. They think of how it will benefit them in the future and then decide who will rule. An example Machiavelli includes is the rise and fall of King Louis XXII of France, which occurred twice. Louis XXII had acquired himself a bunch of rebellious lower classmen. They did not think the new ruler would be beneficial to them so with Lodovico's forces, they claimed back the country. If you are able to become a ruler by conquering, that means you are more superior to other rulers. The current lower classmen see no...