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Biography--------------------Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks was born in Omaha, Nebraska on New Years Eve, December 29 1965. Sparks lived a rather itinerant life in the beginning. When Nicholas was born his father was still a student, he eventually got accepted at the University of Minnesota where Nicholas lived for two years, then later his father got transferred to the University of Southern California where he happily earned his PH.D in 1974. The family moved to Fair Oaks, California and that was where Nicholas was born and raised. It was difficult to move from place to place but Nicholas went through his elementary school years and did relatively well in high school and was successfully chosen valedictorian. Sparks did extremely well in his studies but his true passion was however running, he eventually received a full track scholarship to the University of Notre Dame.

Then unfortunately Nicholas's luck was about to change for the worst.

He got injured and went a little insane. After doing so well in running and breaking the Notre Dame record relay he was injured for the rest of the year. He went back home for his summer break after his freshman year. He moped around for the most part but his mother had enough of his depressing attitude and told him to do something rather then nothing. She told him: " Why don't you write a book?" He said "fine", and eight weeks later he was the proud creator of his fist novel, The Passing, a book that was unfortunately never published. Sparks admits it is a wonderful story except for his writing.

Sparks life after that was pretty much football games, friends and too much beer until March 1988 when his life changed for the better. He met the girl of his dreams, Cathy,