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Theme: should Nike walk on its heels to save souls in Asia or should it continue to ignore international standards and cultural differences in pursuit of its rebel image?Executive summaryIntroductionThe world biggest sports wear company Nike was created by Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman in 1962. Knight was an accounting student and mid distance runner meet training coach Bowerman in University of Oregon in 1957. The frist product was named tiger which is manufactured in japan and then shipped to USA company Blue Ribbon Sport to distribution in 1962, because knight believes his marketing strategy which is high quality and low cost. After $1 million successful sales in 1972 Blue Ribbon Sport was ended and a new design company was developed, NIKE. According to Greek mythology NIKE is the winged goddess of victory and pronounced NI-KEY. It means win when Greek people go to battle and they say NIKE. The Swoosh logo was designed by Davidson and it represents the wing of the Greek goddess.

Thirty years later, NIKE become the largest sport and fitness company in the world and sells their product around the all world. As the company growing larger and larger some problem is occurred. NIKE should concerning international standards and cultural differences which make rebel image for NIKE. This report will analysis Nike's strategically structured in Asia. It will include abuse of human right, international labour organisations, leadership style, recruit new employees and management motivation.

5. The change of organisation leadership, control of labour and organisation culture under international management ethics and responsibilities.

The organsation leadership, control of labour and organisation culture are vital elements of management style. The effectiveness of these three components are the comperative advantages to the company which is able to build up a better reputation and positive image to the public.