Nickel and Dimed

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Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich was interestingly enlightening. Barbara Ehreneich does a great job of giving and inside look to the life of poverty stricken people. The things that interests me the most about the book are the people she comes in contact with such as, co-workers, managers, and consumers; it is very interesting to hear each persons story. For instance, while in Florida she meets so many people, each one with their own story to tell. Gail living with roommates, Marianne pregnant living with mom, and Joan living in her van behind shopping centers. Each story is sad, but even sadder when I realize this is not some falsified story, these are real people with real problems. What I got out of this book the most is how money and social class dominates our everyday lives and can sometimes force us into unwanted situations. This book has also caused me to develop an even deeper opinion of the blue collared Americans in our society.

I have always felt that blue collar Americans looked down on the people in society that were in a lower class than them, they tend to take the simply jobs in life for granted. Maybe this is because they may have never experienced poverty as Barbara Ehrenreich has in her book, or if they have, then they have forgotten what it was like. This book has not only reinforced my perception of blue collar Americans, but it has also given me solid research behind my own reasoning. Many people, such as but not limited to blue collar Americans, don't stop and take the time out to think about the feelings of those people in poverty. Instead, they do those nasty things mentioned in Ehreneich's book like, working a server hard and...