Nicotine in a New Way

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Nicotine in a New Way

No cigarette is good for a person, but some alternatives are so much better than the actual

thing. Many people smoke and now there is a new way for them to get a nicotine craving without

having to smoke cigarettes. The new way is nicotine-laced suckers that help smokers quit. This

new "treat"could also shut down cigarette companies. According to Shawn and Janet Needham,

pharmacists in Moses Lake, there is a smoking alternative that is tasty at the same time.

Nicotine gums and patches made by big companies allow smokers to gradually ween

themselves from this horrible addiction. The suckers do too, but with added advantages. This

suckers is able to be licked on, then put back in the wrapper until the urge strikes again. It also

gives the smokers' craving for the hand-mouth stimulation. These sucker have the same effect as

cigarettes, but aren't as bad for you.

This new invention is much better than smoking cigarettes,

so don't be a fool and smoke, have a sucker. The Needhams turn medicines into formulas.

Needhams have been working on this project for a while, and done a lot of

"compounding." They have been able to tailor a hormone replaced pill to an individual's needs.

Shawn can formulate medicines that big drug makers have decided are no longer profitable! He

has changed medicines into formulas that are often used in the veterinary field. All these people

try and do experiments to find out how to help people stop smoking, and a man from Moses Lake

comes up with the great idea to use what has already been done. The thing is, he perfects the idea

and adds more to it. With all this work, these suckers may a great hit with the public.