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In the following rows I struggled to provide relevant information and solutions for Nielaus 290.

In the followings I set up in my mind more like a plan. I tried therefore to look at Nielaus 290 through a 'pyramid'. The 'pyramid' of BCG Matrix. Therefore the choice of owning a store is because I was looking at it like it was a Star on its way to be the cash cow. I hope I managed to make you imagine my thinking.

I didn't use the 7p's because it not a service company but a product. I also haven't made the entire budget because it wasn't requested.

Political events, future sales and Nielaus 290

Given the information from the from the political events in the United States, in the following rows I will try explain and give rational statements about how it could influence the sales of Nielaus 290 on the American Market.

As give in the additional paper both parts formed by Republicans representative John Boehner and Barack Obama met to discuss about the looming debt crisis in United States.

After meeting both representative declared that they had a normal and mature conversation. After their discussion and declarations about what they intend to do 'chaos' was installed into American politics.

With such a big economy, Americans will find a solution before their budget goes critically low. From y point of view I can see that most of the Americans are used to live big. As an example support I can say that they use ridiculous big engine cars and a lot of racing sports with even bigger engines those series productions which...