Nietzche Vs. Matthew

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Todd Hughes Professor Dr. Bogle Core 102 11 March 2002 Nietzsche For thousands of years the Bible has represented the foundation for one of the largest religions in existence, Christianity. "The Book" affects millions of people's lives. The forming of morals makes the biggest impacts on individuals and society. Morals are hinted at throughout the book, but are clearly stated in Matthew's gospel. These morals were written in a series called the Beatitudes. Through morals, laws are created and society is given guidelines, most people see this in a positive manner. Friederich Nietzsche, a philosopher from the late 1800's, views religion as a cult made for weak mind simpletons who need something to carry them through life. Nietzsche is often viewed as an antichrist; in fact he even wrote "The Antichrist," an essay that seems to be his boarding pass a ticket to hell. But there is some merit in his satanic ideas about religion one need only to view it from faithless eyes.

Nietzsche's ideas dismiss those of Matthew and how religion is a con to suppress the strong and make the weak feel important.

Nietzsche sees religious people as weak people hating the strong and independent. In essay one he calls all priest "the great haters of history…likewise the most ingenious haters()." They are not able to go out into the world and naturally live without excuses and reasons for both their failures and successes. They cannot account for their own actions. In order to stop their feelings of weakness they must convince others that they are right and to follow them, giving them acceptance to a group. Through convincing sermons Christianity began to grow.

This can be traced back to two words - good and bad. Before Christianity good and bad represented social status.