The Night Before

Essay by florin15High School, 11th gradeB, September 2007

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It was past midnight and the essay was due on the next morning. What was I to do, plagiarize the essay, not do it, or stay up all night and do it? I had to resist the temptation of plagiarizing and find a way to keep my sleep away so that the essay was to be completed by the morning.

Deciding to do it was just a small leap forward. Then my dear readers came the hard part, deciding what to write about. I was completely blanked out and sitting in front of the computer with a blank document wasn't helping much. So I decided I needed some inspiration. I opened my instant messenger and found other people working on this essay. I asked a few friends for topic ideas but their suggestions were ones that I could not connect to or to write about my mom. My next stop for inspiration was viewing modern art.

This was too complex to relate to and too late at night to try and understand it. My last resort was Beethoven's ninth. It has inspired me in many ways so I played it. It was 47 minutes into the piece and I was still stuck with a blank document in front of me. Beethoven's ninth had always inspired me but this one time it failed.

Many hours had passed staring at an empty screen and the time to leave for school was approaching. I needed an essay more than anything else. So that's when the idea of writing about my essay came. I started to make a quick timeline. That's when I began to write this essay. At the time it seemed better going to class with a completed first assignment than having to figure out some poor excuse. As I began...