"Night" by Elie V.S. Dawn

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Elie or Elisha?

"Seeing myself with the eyes of the past I imagined that I was in the dark gray uniform of an SS officer" (D. 27). The SS officer's control Elie while Elisha now sees himself acting like the SS officers. Night and Dawn tells the story of how Jews survived the Holocaust and are both written by Elie Wiesel. Elisha is more independent than Elie.

Elie stays by his father's side while Elisha depends on himself to survive. "I decided to give my father lessons myself, to teach him how to change step and to keep to the rhythm" (N. 53). This quote shows that Elie is close to his father and wants to help him. Elisha lives by himself in Paris. It proves that he's independent and makes a living on his own. "No, I'd rather be alone with him" (D. 81). Elisha wanted to go by himself to get to know John Dawson better before he killed him.

Elisha is more independent by wanting to do this himself while Elie needs his father to help him survive.

Elie is being seen as the victim, but Elisha is being referred to as an executioner, or murderer. '"Poor devils, you're going to the crematory'" (N. 30). Elie is the victim because he didn't do anything wrong to be sent to the concentration camps. "He who has killed one man alone is a killer for life" (D. 69). No matter how many people he kills he will be considered a killer even if he only kills one. Elie will be known forever as a victim in the concentration camps.

In a way Elie and Elisha are both afraid of death. '"I don't want to wait here. I'm going to run to the electric wire. That would...