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World War II was a very devastating time for countries; it created death, debt and destruction. Hitler along his Nazi Army inflicted many of these casualties and the Jewish race had received the most pain, suffering, torture and death. In the novel "Night" the reader is educated on the devastating lives the Jews had lived in particular the life of Ellie Wiesel. Elizer informs the reader what his life was like before he was brought to camp during the pain and suffering he endured in the camps and briefly his life after the war. The novel "Night" is an excellent starting point for learning about the Holocaust.

Ellie Weisel lived a practical life for a Jewish boy in Sighet, Transylvania; he would study his faith and learn about God. His father was a cultured man held highest esteem in the Jewish community and he was the only boy out of his three siblings.

An initial action that led up to Ellie's imprisonment was when " one day all foreign Jews were expelled from Sighet…. Crammed into cattle cars by Hungarian Police, they cried silently" (Weisel 6). This was an immediate sign that the Jews were going to be imprisoned because they were being treated harshly and the Jews didn't have control of their own actions. When Moshie the Beadle, Ellie's mentor, returned from the trains destinatio he told the Jewish community that, " They were forced to dig huge trenches….. then the men from the Gestapo ….. shot their prisoners, who were forced to approach the trench one by one… Infants were tossed into the air and used as targets for machine guns" (Weisel 6). After weeks of hearing news of other cities and more stories...