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Wagner 2

Doug Wagner

Ms. Guarnaccio

Honors English 10, Mods 13-14

15 October 2013

The Gift of a Name

Growing up I had so countless nicknames, Dougie, Bug, Bud, Chub, D, Toothpick, and several more, that I could not even figure out if someone was calling me or somebody else. Meanwhile, everyone in school when I was younger dreamed of grand nicknames like mine, but I simply desired to be called by my actual name. Ironically, nowadays folks often refer to their friends by his or her last name, which is terrible for me. Wagner is a curse to me with its blandish and useless meaning toward me and my personality, while on the other hand, Douglas Edward is an illustrious name to have with rich origin, and an incredibly far-fetched meaning behind the name

Wagner must be the worst last name for me. Wagner simply signifies wagon builder or rider and comes from Germanic Tribes located in Eastern Europe and could not be any more awful of a match.

The last name Wagner could also have come from Jewish inheritance where the name translates roughly to Ashkenazic, which makes absolute no sense considering I have nobody at all in my family who is Jewish, or of Jewish inheritance. The name has no value toward me, in fact, I am terrible at driving, almost running over my older sister, Victoria, the second time I went driving. Additionally, I cannot make anything with my hands, but it is not that I lack creativity, just the capability of constructing the idea with my hands in the real world. In fact, I received a C in shop class last year! I also hate the name Wagner for the way it sounds. Most people say Wagner with a "D" sound at the end of...