How to be a Night Operative

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Finding an Target

It's usually a good idea to start things from the beginning. Who's heard the joke 'Life is hereditary. If your parents don't have kids, neither will you.'? Funnily enough, it's the same with ops. There are a few ways to find a target.

Go for a walk. This is probably the most difficult way of finding an op. First off, leave your house. Then, walk away from your house. Keep walking until you find somewhere you want to op. Well done if you can do this, it's damn near impossible.

Local tourist kiosk. Details of castles and amusement parks/farms (you have not lived until you've infiltrated a theme park and climbed up a rollercoaster). Almost anything you can find on a tourist leaflet is an amazing op.

Internet. Lovely.

Local estate agent. Usually empty houses, occassionally with floor plans. Price of the house gives the price of the area - giving you thieves out there an idea of the probable value of people's property in that area.

Suggestions for targets... look for 'facilities' rather than houses. What's the challenge in operating in someone's back garden? Go for a large area with several buildings - a business park, a school, a hospital, a housing estate... a police station? Hehe, anywhere really, but for the most fulfilling ops, try one from the list. Also, try museums, warehouses, cinemas, 'malls', if there's one near you a sewage plant (Why would anyone want to break into a sewage plant? Minimal security, very Splinter Cell setting, if you're after a legendary story, there's an obvious method of entry you can try...). As a rule of thumb, the larger the place, the better the op. I have an op scheduled for October taking place in a hotel, inspired by Hitman Contracts. More...