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Professor: David W. Suter

RSL 111

2014 September 28

Why Do We Still Believe in God

Who is the God? Where is he, and why to believe in him ? Those are the common questions people might to ask when they first time get knowing religion or faith. Those questions may have a correct answer or we may never know the truth. When believers talk about God, they will always use such beautiful words as much as they can to express him. He is the heavenly father, he is love, faith, justice, and bright. He is everything and everything is created by him. God just like our parents who loves us and watches us. If this all true, if God is really exist, why are we still suffering in our life? Some people may say it is punishment. But when good people are suffering while the bad people are not punished by God, perhaps we will ask: where is the God? Does he is real? People struggled in suffering, whining, despairing and even until they are dying, but in the end, they still will chose to believe in God.

Just because they want to survival and their faith in God will be the force and hope in their life.

Sometimes when you believe in someone, you may forget or just do not know the reason why, but you just deeply insist. Like Elie Wiesel, a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, who wrote his own terrible life memory in a novel, name is Night, when he was a twelve-year-old boy living in the Transylvanian town . He is the only son in an Orthodox Jewish family that strictly adheres to Jewish tradition and law. His father is highly respected within Sighet's Jewish community. Eliezer was deeply believed in God...