"Night" written by Elie Wiesel.

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"For the Dead and the Living,

We must Bear Witness"

The living and the dead must tell their stories of the largest killings of the 20th century. One man taking power of Germany doesn't like Jews. In fact, he hates them. Adolf Hitler wanted to annihilate the Jews from the face of the earth! He was an evil man with an evil heart. I cant describe the horrors he put the Jews through. These stories about people being sent to the crematory and babies being dumped into fires. It sickens me to the stomach. How could you not listen to their stories?

Elie Wiesel told his story in the book Night about what happened to his family and how they were driven from their homes and taken to these death camps. "The smell was of burning bodies," says Wiesel in his book. He watched his mom get sent into the crematory line and he saw babies being torn from their mothers and being thrown into pits of fire.

Elie survived the holocaust and is telling his story so that other people wont forget. I know that I would never forget. Elie didn't even go mad after seeing all of these things happen. I wouldn't have survived it. If I did I know I would go mad.

Another story is the book called The Secret Room by Corrie TenBoom. Her father, mother sister and herself hid Jewish people in their home. They built a hidden room with a linen closet in front to protect the Jewish people. A spy came to the TenBoom house seeking shelter and turned the TenBoom family in to the authorities.

The TenBoom family was arrested and taken into a concentration camp. Corries father died one week later. She worked in the fields during the day and...