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January 21,2002 English 102 My worst nightmare happened when I was about seven years old. It occurred after I watched the movie about the great white shark, Jaws. It was late at night and I couldn't sleep, I just lay in bed, thinking about that great white that eats people who swim in the ocean. After a while of just laying in my bed, scared to death, I began to get a little tired, then my eyes were to heavy to stay open, and I began to doze off. But, as soon as I finally got to sleep, I starting having these horrible nightmares that I was on a boat in the middle of the ocean while Jaws circled the boat in the ocean like a hawk circles its prey before it attacks. After a few attempts to fall asleep I gave up and woke up my brother, so I could get some comfort.

To my despise he began to tell my how the story was true except for one thing, that Jaws is still alive and was spotted a few times in North Carolina, conveniently right next to my grandparents beach house, the place we visit every summer. So after a few minutes of my brother making me realize that next time I go visit my grandparents I'm not going to make it out alive because Jaws is going to eat me, he told me to go back to bed and if I woke him up again he would kill me himself. So once again I'm lying in my bed, scared even more out of my wits now, trying to fall asleep, until I couldn't stay awake anymore. I must of scared my self so much I got tired out, and I finally fell asleep. But then it happened, my worst nightmare. I was in the middle of the ocean, but this time I wasn't on a boat, I was on my bed, and it was sinking slowly. I started to scream, but I had no voice, I tried to swim, but I had no strength. Then I saw him, Jaws, he started to circle me, like in the movie, and after a while of him circling I freaked out and woke up, but the only problem was, my bed was still floating, the rug on the floor turned to water, I can still see Jaws circling me, and I am soaking wet. I began to scream, yell, and cry for my life, until my father walked in and turned on the light. He started to ask me what was wrong, so I began to tell him my horrible dream. I explained how I started dreaming that I was being attacked by Jaws, but when I woke up the floor turned into water and I could still see him circling around me, and how I am soaking wet now. My dad began to laugh, which I couldn't understand until he explain that it was perfectly normal to have nightmares, and how Jaws is not real, and that the reason I am soaking wet is because in the moment of being frightened I wet my bed.