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Devon Garcia Nightmares and Dreams: The Psychological Aspects of Dreaming         Nightmares are often referred to as a long, frightening dream that awakens the sleeper. Whatever the case, most victims of these phenomena can recall these events fluently and with great detail because of psychological effects. There are many variables that act in the world of a nightmare sufferer such as what the subject is exposed to, but how the individual chooses to proceed in dealing with a nightmare is where the situation becomes critical.

        There are wide ranges of incidents that occur during sleep and wake that are referred to as “nightmares.” What people usually call nightmares are just extreme reactions and fear that go along with disturbing dreams, that take place once in a while. Usually we are awakened by nightmares that bring deep feelings of sadness, guilt or anger, but most of the time, fear and anxiety. Typically we are being chased; children are likely to be chased by animals and fantasy characters, while adults are usually chased by other male adults (Wilkerson).

        Nightmares happen between the first two hours of sleep. The sleeper is often difficult to awaken and remembers nothing more than a tremendous feeling or one scene from the dream. Children with frequent nightmares may as well tend to sleepwalk and/or urinate in bed (Wilkerson).

        Every individual has had dreams, at least once or more times, that included feelings of anxiety or fear. Though we dream every night, the fear of having a nightmare or believing in certain myths about dreaming can block an individual from remembering particular dreams. The medicine for overcoming certain nightmares is through the release of emotion which can be done through the usage of dreams. Nightmares are signs that warn us of imbalances we may have psychologically or patterns of behavior...