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Nike is trying to sell a new design of running shoes to teenage girls. Nike uses different tactics to accomplish this goal. Some tactics used are the pink writing on the advertisement which grabs the reader?s attention, the use of ethos, and the use of description and naming advantages the shoe has over other shoes. These are good approaches and together they create a strong advertisement. Nike is successful in its purpose to make people want to buy their shoes by using appeals to reason by naming advantages the shoe has and by pathos; implying that teenager girls want to buy the shoe.

In this advertisement Nike is trying to sell shoes to teenagers. The author is not known, but it can be assumed that it is someone who works for Nike. There is a lot of information in this advertisement, but none of it is supported except through the belief that Nike makes good and reliable products.

This is alright because the article uses ethos, appealing to the character of the company and the public?s trust of them. The Nike Company is one of America?s big corporations. Nike made the first running shoe and now is selling name brand items. A name brand company is a company that has won the trust of the public. People trust Nike as a brand name. When a person sees a Nike shoe they know that they are getting a high quality shoe and they are willing to pay more for it. People know that Nike is trustworthy when it comes to the quality of their products. Therefore Nike can make a good profit on their shoes.

Nike also makes clothes and other items that they sell name brand. This is a successful tactic because when people buy these items with the Nike...