Nine days in Alice Springs.

Essay by kellycordeiro March 2007

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At the end of last year, we (my fiancée and two friends) went to Alice Springs. We were excited about the trip, especially because it was our first time in a desert. We spent 9 days on the road and we drove about 5,000 Km.

On the second day of the trip we saw our first landscape, the Devil's Marbles. We were astonished about those big stones in the middle of nowhere. So we continued the trip and the further from Darwin we went the more excited we were.

The second place we went was the West McDonnell Ranges that, in my opinion, was the most beautiful place that we visited in this trip. We camped in a nice place with a big lake where we could swim and, in the morning, we saw some wild dingoes walking near the camp.

After we spent two days in the West McDonnells we went straight to Uluru.

When we were in front of this rock, we were just speechless. It's amazing! How can a rock of this size be in the middle of the desert, like an iceberg? We had such a good time there but it was New Year's Eve and we decided to go to a small place called Curtin Springs. We went to a New Year's party with local people. After that, we came back to Darwin.

It was one of the most amazing trips that I have ever done. I will never forget how exciting and awesome those days were.