Nine To Five.

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"A chain is only as strong as its weakest length." If you would carefully watch the movie "Nine To Five" you would notice how weak a company can be if it's managed poorly. One of the most important resources a business can have are its employees. If they are treated badly, then they would work the same way. To increase a company's productivity, the manager must know how to handle, control and help employees achieve their tasks efficiently and effectively. Also, giving employees job satisfaction and developing a positive work environment, will make them feel good about what they are doing, and will allow them to become better.

In the movie, they are showing people who are involved in professional labor because they hire them with specific skills and/or knowledge. As said above, a chain is as strong as its weakest length. In this case, the weakest length is exactly the one who should the most important one.

The vice - president Franklin Hurt Junior, is a racist, sexist, pervert who has no idea whatsoever on what a successful business means. Also, he does not care about employees' rights, their personal space, their own decisions, or their wellness. Three examples that clearly show that everything that he was doing was wrong are 3 employees of the company: Violet, Judy, and Dora Lee.

First of all let's begin with the question of what does discrimination mean? The rights of the employee clearly specify that there should be no discrimination within a business whatsoever. Discrimination is denying someone an interview job or promotion because of gender, culture, etc. In the movie, Violet is a clear example of discrimination because of gender. Due to the fact that Franklin Hurt was a sexist, he did not give Violet the promotion that she waited for,