Nine Months Miracle .........Arrival of an Angel - About Pregnancy and Motherhood

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Nine Months Miracle.........Arrival of an Angel

Life is a fantastic game to enjoy. Every second should be spent with lot of enthusiasm and fun. Vani was one such timid convent girl who had positive attitude towards life. This little school-topper was the centre of attraction wherever she was. She was the cream of her family. College life molded her into a very gentle lady. She became very responsible. This was when her parents started talking about her marriage. It was a custom in their region to get the daughters married at the age of 21. So our Vani was married to a smart guy Shankar. Their married life was a heaven on earth. They were bubbling with joy and happiness. Soon Vani was amazed to know that she was PREGNANT.

She had a very different experience. Many questions raised in her mind about pregnancy. She received many advices from elders and friends.

Now into the Nine Months Miracle................

Her Miracle was just nourishing in her womb. She rubbed her big protruding tummy and gazed at her in front of the mirror for long hours. She talked with it in whispers. Very soon the tiny tot responded to her voice by kicking within. She enjoyed its movements. She closed her eyes and stayed in peace to relish the full joy of its movement. Though the weight was pulling forward, it was a sweet burden for her. She became very conscious in her diet and ate for her miracle.

Now it was time for the arrival of her treasure - a treasure hidden very safely in womb, a treasure very precious, a treasure longed for, a treasure to wrap up close.

It was a beautiful Angel, a fairy on earth, the Nine Months Miracle come true ..........................