"Nineteen Eighty" Four by Orwell

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The State of Oceania was a place where society was controlled by the

government especially the lower class. Since the lower class didn't really have a life

and weren't educated, the government knew it would be very easy to control them

in three distinct but powerful ways. The Inner Party which is the government,

controlled the people of Oceania by telescreens, doublethink, and propaganda.

These three methods are so powerful in making the lower class believe that

Oceania is at war with Eastasia. Big Brother is the Inner Party leader and,

Emmanuel Goldstein is the Enemy of the Party.

The first and far most compelling method in controlling the people is the use

of telescreens. They are screens placed in the walls of almost every building and

Ministry in Oceania. You are constantly being watched and informed by what is

happening outside of Oceania. They are used for showing the enemy Emmanuel

Goldstein who is the principal figure on the daily Two Minute Hate. The main

focus of the telescreens is the image of Big Brother. Big Brother is always shown

on the screen to make the people believe that Oceania is winning the war. Big

Brother is the leader of the Inner Party, and Emmanuel Goldstein plays the role of

keeping the citizens fearful that they might do or say, or even think, something

harmful to the State and the Party. The telescreens attempt to control the intellect

and emotions of its citizens. The telescreens prove the emotional loyalty to Big

Brother, who alone has the power to create and to destroy anyone he wants. The

people know that every move they make is being constantly watched by the

telesceens and if committing a thoughtcrime they will be punished immediately.

'A new poster had suddenly appeared all...