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Nintendo's New Cube Since the disaster that occurred on September 11, people, between the ages of 17 and 30, need others ways to entertain themselves instead of going out. Nintendo's answer is the new "Game Cube." Since the push is for people to stay at home because of all the terrorist scares they may as well pick up a new Game Cube to keep them busy.

Nintendo is planning to release their new Game Cube product on November 18, but in order to keep up with all the competition they have devised a creative way to distribute it to the public. Recently, the video game market has had some huge breakthroughs, with such companies as Sony and their Playstation and PS2 game consoles and Microsoft's new Xbox; both of which offer competitive products. Both Sony and Microsoft have priced their products at $299, whereas Nintendo has priced their Game Cube at only $199.

Nintendo's senior vice president, George Harrison, wants to broaden its audience form the 9 "" 14 year olds to the older age group of 17 "" 30. This will, in hopes, give them a larger percent of the market and increase their profit. Since they are trying to distribute their product to an older market they have devised a new marketing strategy, the Cube Club. The Cube Club will be a nightclub that will be set up in 12 cities for 10 days. At the clubs artists, musicians, and gamers can play on the Cube. To promote it here in LA stars from the new movie American Pie 2 will be there along with rapper LL Cool J, and actress Donna D'Errico; all of which are prominent people in the 17 "" 30 year old age group. By using these methods Nintendo is...