Nintendo DS: Changing the way of portable gaming

Essay by NintendoElder June 2005

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The Nintendo Dual Screen is a wireless video game handheld that has modified the capability of portable gameplay. With one touch of the system's interactive lower screen, one glance at the 3-D graphics on its upper screen, you'll understand how gaming has reached a new level.

The components of the Nintendo DS make it one of the most innovative systems ever, as no company has ever attempted to create something that has such reedeming quality. The components are listed here:

1. LCD Screens- two backlit color liquid crystal displays. The bottom display is the touch screen

2. Stereo Speakers- outputs that deliver the finest quality sound for your game

3. Microphone- used specifically for games designed to use this feature

4. Game Pak Slot 2- also compatible with Game Boy Advance Game Paks

5. Rechargeable Battery Pak- at zero battery life, the DS requires four hours to fully charge, and delivers six to ten hours of gameplay.

These are only some of the exclusive components the DS has to offer. You can customize your DS by creating a username, background color choice, and various other adjustments that will make the system more to your liking.

The function called "PictoChat", allows you to enter four different chat rooms that support up to sixteen players each that you can communicate with wirelessly. You have the ability to type your messages, or draw them by using the stylus on the touch screen. Nintendo and Gamespy have worked together to develop Wi-Fi for the DS, which is basically a wireless internet tht allows you to play and chat with anyone around the globe, at anytime.

Multiplayer Game Pak sharing is another feature, and will save gamers more money. Unlike the Game Boy Advance (which requires two game paks and a link cable),