Nintendo's Innovated Processes

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Nintendo's Innovated ProcessesIn today's global business market, understanding current business conditions and the need for greater efficiency and effectiveness will force only the strongest organizations to ensure a healthy future. Using the newest innovated technology and creative mindsets, confident companies will be able to face the future uncertain economic climate and expectation levels of balancing market capitalization facing management and stakeholders to remain competitive. As strong companies become more innovated during the development process of new products and services, will offer breakaway growth strategies influenced by innovations and shown through customer satisfaction.

Nintendo WiiThe Nintendo Corporation is a company that seems to welcome the importance of creating new products and services with a commitment of increasing flexibility and reflecting the company's strategic position with a proven track record. The customer base of Nintendo's products surrounding the software, games, music and exercise models of Wii demonstrate why 67% of heads of households play computer and video games (Miller, Washington, 2009).

In fact, research shows some of the top selling video game consoles sold in the United States with sales broken down into three major industry competitors to include the following (Miller, Washington, 2009):Nintendo Wii 10.9 millionMicrosoft Xbox 360 10.5 millionSony PlayStation 3 4.9 millionKenji Hall wrote an article about Nintendo's success which stated, "Nintendo's strategy has been to go after ordinary consumers with a console that's easier to use and less expensive than Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 3. Analysts credit Nintendo for helping to expand the global gaming market, which consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers says was worth $41.9 billion last year. By 2012 that figure could reach $68.3 billion" (Hall, 2000-2008).

Innovated ProcessesCollectively, Nintendo's Wii offers a broader array of experience levels compared to other industry competitors in the field of innovated and creative positioning. The continued commercial success of Wii has...