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Nintendo's Wii three main target consumer groupsNintendo discovered that in order to succeed in its business undertakings, it needs totarget different groups of consumers that are sure to earn them a substantial profit. Ittherefore purposed to intensify its promotion strategies to high earning individuals most ofwhom were young adults and therefore interested in video games. Their target customerscomprised of members of the armed forces that were mostly interested in golf, teachers thatmostly took wine and other citizens who owned pets (4b_ntendo 2006). After grouping thegroups in such segments, they had to consider how much they earned.

Looking at the three groups, they are probably the highest spenders due to the highincome that they receive. There are also other companies that are targeting such groups. Forinstance, the golfers may also be targeted by the sports wear company in an effort to bringthem the current sports wears. They are therefore competing with Nintendo for a share intheir spending (Derval 2008).

Teachers that were also targeted have a passion for wine andthey are also likely to spend some of their income on wine. Wine companies will thereforecompete with Nintendo for the share in their spending. Citizens were also identified to have apassion for pets; as Nintendo will be trying hard to market their video games, the petscompany will also be trying hard to make them buy their pets. This will therefore result intohigh competition.

The importance of such segmentation is to ensure that Nintendo knows how tostrategize so that it can gain the biggest share in the market. Knowing the interests of thegroup being targeted is important for a company that desires to win such customers in future (Farhoomand 2008). It may not be easy to change people's interests but the kind of productsthat are manufactured can be done in a way that...