Nitric Acid

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Nitric acid is manufactured by oxidation of ammonia followed by treatment with water. Ammonia and air are passed over a heated platinum catalyst at 900 degrees centigrade. An exothermic reaction takes place producing nitrogen monoxide and steam. The mixture of gases is cooled and nitrogen monoxide reacts with further oxygen in the air to produce nitrogen dioxide: The nitrogen dioxide is then mixed with more air and passed up a tower down which water flows. The water reacts with the nitrogen dioxide and air to form nitric

Effects on Env.

It effects the env. very little when taken care of, but if touches skin or other contact it can do a great damage. It needs to be kept secrure

% Compostion:

H 1.6%

N 22.2%

O 76.2%



Formula Weight:

63 g/mol

Common Applications:Nitric acid is used in the manufacture of fertilizers and explosives.

It is used in the printing industry for photo-engraving, the engineering industry, metallurgy, etching steel, ore flotation. Ext ext----------