No Child Left Behind

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In November of 2004, we will find out who our democratic candidate for Presidency will be. This candidate will without a doubt run against our current President, George W. Bush, who is seeking his second term as our Nation's President. During his current term, Bush proposed the "No Child Left Behind" Act. Today, in part of familiarizing you with this topic, I would like to share with you some of the opinions from two democratic candidates on the topic of education and "No Child Left Behind".

Candidate John Kerry, who has consistently criticized Bush for signing the "No Child Left Behind" Act, feels he that Bush left schools in a lurch by not funding them properly. If elected President, Kerry states that he will meet the full commitment of "No Child Left Behind" by fully funding the Act, if elected President. Kerry also states that he believes that the goals of "No Child Left Behind" will ensure that all students learn to high expectations and to close the achievement gap.

He says this is right for America's children; however America has fallen short of its goals due to insufficient funding and problems with the law. Kerry states that he will make important changes. Kerry's changes will include: judging schools on more than just test scores, rewarding states that implement high standards, and to ensure the law works for states, schools, and teachers.

Candidate Howard Dean, who has opposed to the "No Child Left Behind" act every since it was debated in Congress, feels he that this act is flawed. Dean states that the implementing of "No Child Left Behind" has driven up local property taxes, taken money away from needed school programs, and made it even more difficult to pay competitive teacher salaries. If Dean...