NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND: An essay explaining the program, the benifits, and how the program works.

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No Child Left Behind

By, Jin Chang

No Child Left Behind is designed to help children, teachers, and schools improve to a higher standard. The law was designed to close the achievement gap between students. The law gives more flexibility in what the schools can do, gives parents more options in how to help their child, and teaching students effectively in a proven way.

More Accountability

Closing Achievement gaps, Accountability of schools

The law requires the states to describe how they will make all students achieve academic proficiency and how they will close the achievement gap between students.

The states must make annual state and school district report cards to inform parents and the communities about academic progress. On the other hand, schools that fail to progress must provide ways for students to improve such as free after-school tutoring. If the school does not make noticeable progress after 5 years, the school will have to make dramatic changes in how the school is run.

Money Flexibilities

Ways to use funds

Under No Child Left Behind, states and school districts have flexibility in how they use education funds, in exchange for improved academic results.

In fact, school districts can use up to 50 percent of federal funds they receive from Improving Teacher Quality State Grants, Innovative Programs, Educational Technologies, and Safe and Drug-Free Schools Programs, without getting separate approval. This allows school districts to use money on the district's needed areas, such as hiring new teachers, increasing teacher pay, and improving teacher training and professional development.

A new program allows selected states and school districts consolidate funds from a number of federal education programs so the funds can be used for any educational need, authorized under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, amended by the No Child Left Behind...