No Coins, Please

Essay by Isaac Apter February 1997

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No Coins Please

Hi ! My name is Artie, but please, call me 'A'.

Okay, now a little about myself.

I am an 11 year old, short, I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am quit and love to make money.

Because it was summer, my mother thought it would be a good idea to send me on a trip across america with this tour she heard about called Junior Tours.

Finaly the day came. A white van pulled up in front of my house, and out stepped 2 boys that looked 16 years old.

I went out and they told me that their names were Denis and Rob.

My mom gave them the required 75 $ and told them to watch me carefully, then she hugged and kissed me and told me not to forget to write everyday.

When I steeped on the bus, I saw 5 ther boys the same age as me.

Their names were Sheldon, Howie, Nick, Kevin, and Sam.

Sheldon, who was always jabbering on and on about his old friend, Pete Ogrodnick.

Howie, a tall, thin, blond, with glasses who seemed to be on the respective side.

Nick, a boy that would go through life being superstitious.

Kevin, was a photoholic.

Sam, was one that liked to fight for his rights.

Rob and Denis then told us that we were supposed to name our van.

Denis came up with the name 'Ambulance' and the rest of the group agreed.

On our way to our first stop, New York, we got a speeding ticket because someone was tailgating our van.

The next morning, in Central Park, the director gave a speech telling what they would be doing for the next few weeks.

By the end of the speech, I was already out of...