No Longer Alone

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No Longer Alone As I slammed the phone back onto the hook, I realized the air in the room was getting a bit tense, and realized I needed to just get out of the house. Go out and get some fresh air. As I grabbed my coat and headed out the door, I found myself not knowing exactly where I was going. I really had no preferences, but I knew that I needed to get away from all of this, and get away very quickly.

As I walked down the wet road, trying to keep myself warm in the breezy, and cool autumn night air, a million different thoughts seemed to be running through my head all at once, filling my thoughts with absolute chaos, and confusion. I knew there was really only one place I could go to clear my head, so I headed towards the woods. Not thinking of anything, not stopping for anything.

I was on a straight route for the woods.

I paid no attention to the small children scurrying about in their costumes, all filled with the joy on this Halloween night. In all honesty, their glee was really sickening me. For a moment, I asked myself, "How could these children be so oblivious to sadness? What keeps them from losing all senses of security? Or happiness?". But I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth worrying about. I had other things on my mind I was already pissed off about.

As I reached the woods, I stopped for a moment. I looked up at the sky, and noticed how clear the sky was. The moon seemed to give the night sky plenty of light to be seen. But rather then stare at a stars, like I normally would, I set aside the...