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Election Day is a day that comes every so often. People wait for this day to vote for that one person that they want most in office. Many issues effect the decision of these people. One main issue is to whether or not abortion should be legal. This controversial issue has been the talk of millions of people. Some feel that it should be legal. Others feel it should never be talked or thought of.

In society today, people frown on murder, but the thought of killing an unborn baby is completely okay with some. A mother has the right to choose whether she would like to have her baby or not. Women use the reason the time is not right or she has enough children. Although there are other alternatives like adoption, women just do not want to go through the long nine months of pregnancy. There are many reasons one can come up with to not have the baby.

That is why this is an ongoing issue that effects the vote of several voters.

Having the right to choose has many people in an outrage. When a woman figures out that she is pregnant, the baby already has a brain stem and heart beat. The baby is alive inside. Women are allowed up to six months in pregnancy to make their decision. By this time a doctor can tell the sex of the baby. The baby is able to hiccup and kick. The woman has a special bond with the baby by this point. Women who do not want to become pregnant should use a condom or birth control. No baby is an accident. Women who get pregnant with an unwanted baby are irresponsible.

Although there has been a lot of talk over the years whether this...