No more Casual Fridays in UK!

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In today's competitive economy clothing is a powerful tool. In the past ten years many companies have implemented dress-down policies. A dress-down policy is one that allows the employees of a company to dress less formally for work on Fridays. Those were introduced by corporations in the 1980's, apparently in order to fit in with their clients who adopted the liberal style of Silicon Valley. Dress-down Fridays were also thought to boost the creativity of employees and their moral. However this new trend in office attire has produced a great deal of controversy in the world. Should employees dress casually in a business environment? Will casual dress codes reduce or improve productivity? Will companies attract and retain the right "type" of employees? Will the company's image suffer? These and many other questions have caused concern in the business world. The question that seems to pop up is whether dress-downFridays are a benefit or a burden to the company.

The following report includes details about the benefits and problems of dress-down policies, as well as recommendations for implementing such a policy.

Nowadays, some companies' employees are free to dress down on Fridays.Dress down was set up in order to boost the worker's moral,comfort and creativity. Dress down lets the workers feel secure and comfortable in their clothes.This prevents stress and improves the worker's ability.But however the employees start to think about what they are going to wear tomorrow.This is a waste of time and also it might be a discrimination : not everyone can afford good clothes (e.g. a manager in Ralph Lauren does not wear the same clothes as a secretary). The dicrimination may be a little path to conflict.

Also for some workers, casual clothes make them go out of the work mood.