No More Political Parties

Essay by van_EcksA, February 2007

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Political parties are organized for various reasons, such as to support a particular political figure, to advance a particular policy or a general ideological stand, to aid politically certain groups or sections of society, or merely to combine for short-term political advantages. Washington had strong objections to the formation of political parties, and I agree with Washington in that we should not have any political parties. Washington felt that the growing popularity of political parties was one way to influence sectionalism. For example, each region would develop their own political party which would only cater to that region's needs. Also political parties would tear the country apart and destroy the union. That was why Washington thought political parties were a bad idea for the United States.

From the beginning of the United States, groups such as the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists have been active, supporting various ideas or plans. The Federalists and Anti-Federalists emerged, alternating supporting and obstructing the ratification of the Constitution.

During Washington's presidency dominant political parties were unknown, but during his second term the emergence of the Hamilton and Jefferson rivalry began. Washington worked to maintain neutrality, but the coming of two dominant political parties appeared close. Therefore, Washington did not understand or believe in political parties, and saw them as "fractious agencies rebellious of domestic tranquility". It was his fear of what parties would do to the nation that led Washington to draft his Farewell Address.

Washington's greatest fear as he stepped down from the presidency was the development of political parties in the United States and how they would divide the county. I believe that if anything would ruin the United States, it is political parties. Washington believed that whether you lived in the Northern, Southern, Atlantic or Western region of the country determined the...