No One Does Business the Same

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An important part of doing business is handling oneself in a proper manner. The appropriate ways of conducting business and handling meetings vary from country to country and from culture to culture. That is why one should do research on such things as religion, moral, superstitions, greeting behaviors and proper business protocol before heading abroad.

Religion plays a very important role in some countries and dictates how they live their daily lives. Muslims, for example, follow the doctrine of the Koran, which forbids alcohol and the flesh of scavenger animals (i.e. pork), birds and fish (i.e. shellfish). In this case, it is good to avoid pork dishes at a banquet when Muslims are in attendance because they believe the other dishes could have been contaminated during preparation or serving. You should never serve alcohol to a Muslim in the presence of guests even if you know the individual drinks in private (Butler).

As individual's religion influences all of the other aspects of their life and forms their cultural beliefs and values which are reflected in their idea of the "right" way to live and behave. One must take these into consideration and do their best not to offend the other. The smallest thing to an American could be the largest thing to someone from another country or culture.

Gift giving is serious business in some other countries. The meaning of what you give and when will vary in different countries. A gift such as scissors, letter opener or a knife set symbolizes the severing of a relationship in many other cultures and should be avoided. Alcohol is out of the question as a gift in Islamic countries. Before giving gifts, one should find out what is appropriate according to each individuals culture.

Greeting behaviors is another aspect of doing...