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I am glade to communicate my ideas with my readers about life and this profession. From my very limited experience I would even like to offer a few experimentative traits which can, if you agree, in someway help you to lead a satisfactory life.

Now, let me come to my topic, I feel, life is actually an opportunity to accomplish something. It's a challenge. Its easy to drag one's soul and merely exist but " to live" is something different and difficult, especially when you are within the sphere of great expectations, perhaps, each one of is born to achieve a great lot in this short life span. Question now arise is :-

Are we able to achieve our goals?

I know, life is not a bed of roses. It is a blend of happiness and difficulties. It is a crusade and we have to fight it. My suggestion here is to be ready to accept all challenges in life with courage and confidence, especially because we teachers are responsible in building up the overall personality of a pupil.

As teachers' life demands of us a valuable contribution so we must always be ardent to perform our task well.

Each teacher, I feel is like a candle, which consumes in herself and brightens the life of pupils. To be more clear, I would like to define each letter of it. A complete teacher is :-

T = Truthful

E = Enthusiastic

A = Active

C = Co-operative

H = Hardworking

E = Energetic

R = Responsible

If we feel we need to do something more than what we have been doing, then the first thing we'll need is to

develop a positive attitude.

If faith and victory is in mind;

Success can be achieved

But if...