No Regrets

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Winter of '03, a moment in history I will never forget. Not only did I finally notice where my life was going but I discovered something I had not used in years, my conscience. Greeko, Lu, YT, and myself (Nike at the time, because I was known for being stealthy therefore I was a sneaker) had gotten a call from my lady friend, Adrienne, saying that she was babysitting and if we wanted to we could come by and just kick it for a while. We were all high and drunk at the time and Lu didn't want to drive around wasting his gas so we decided to go over there and crash for a couple hours, plus maybe we could find some munchies to bring us down. As we were all hanging out over at the house, Greeko and Lu decided to go snoop around in the kitchen and other place to see if the owners of the house had any thing to their use lying around (i.e.:

cash, food, CD's, etc.). YT and I went into the main bedroom and did some snooping of our own. We didn't find a damn thing and as we were about to leave we saw a crazy looking box sitting on the counter in the bathroom. It turned out it was a jewelry box and that's when everything went downhill.

YT had accidentally knocked over the box and out came all the jewelry. After picking it all up, I took a handful and placed them in a cargo pocket of my jeans as a joke and told YT "Ok, we got what we need let's book." We started to laugh and then I placed the jewelry back into its place, little did I know that I had accidentally left three...