No Sense in Dividing Borders Between Love: An essay about international marriages

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The world is getting ever smaller as an increasing number of links span the globe. Modern transportations and communication technologies are bringing people together. This trend is reflected in the prevalence of international marriages in our society. Up until a few years back, Korea has remained a closed, homogenous society, sometimes being referred to as 'the hermit kingdom'. However, the number of international culture is increasing drastically. Statistics show that one out of ten marriages are international marriages. It is easy to see people around us with foreign spouses, showing that our society is becoming multi-ethnic, promoting diversity. While it is true that there is some discrimination against people with mixed blood, society is changing, and people are beginning to express and show concern with the problem of discrimination. I believe now is a good time to marry internationally, considering that we can understand foreign cultures better, learn foreign languages, and the conditions for children born of international marriages are improving.

When we marry people of different heritages, we can gain a better understanding of other cultures. To live with a spouse of a different nationality, one must learn about the other culture, and during the process we can become more open to other cultures. For example, if a Korean male and a Chinese woman marry, they can share the culture of Korea and China. They can share each others' food, enjoying both the rich cuisine of China and Korea. Different holidays, and games can be exchanged, creating a new fusion-culture. It is following the trend of globalization to be open to other cultures.

Also, living with a spouse enables us to learn different foreign languages. When we live with a foreign spouse, to communicate with each other, we need to learn their languages. The children of international marriages also...