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My earliest memory with my sexual identification occurred when I was roughly 6-7yrs old. It was just another ordinary night of watching TV in my bedroom before bedtime when I needed to get a drink of water. My bedroom was located in the back of the house down a long stretched hallway and at the end of the hallway was the kitchen to the left and living room to the right. I made my way down the hallway seeking water to quench my thirst, but as I approached the end of the hallway I noticed the TV was on and my father fumbling with the VCR. When my eyes adjusted to the screen I noticed two blonde beautiful women buck naked. Now at the time my naive undeveloped mind couldn't comprehend what it was I witnessed, but it served to stimulate a part of my brain that made my curiosity clear.

From then on I knew that what physically made women different from men was the very treasure I was attracted to.

When I think about Gender identification I associate it with trying to understand one's own identity. Male and female are only separated by the physical assets one has. I only say this because if it was a matter of emotional or mental mechanisms than the person's gender shouldn't matter about what's skin deep but by how that person feels, seeing as how our culture hasn't developed far enough to move past the physical ambiguity and onto the higher plan for self knowledge we can't define a person's gender by the most BASIC means given to us from god, the ability to think and comprehend our own emotions. Now that I have set up the premises on how we as a society define gender and how I myself believe gender is obtained, I can then explain how each way of thinking can't be denied its credibility.

Society's views on one's gender are based around the religious idea from the bible. The bible defines a man and woman by their physical attributes and that same sex's shall not lie in the same bed. Society beliefs are strongly rooted in this way of thought, allowing for no exceptions. Society has even gone as far as using the bible to determine who is fit for raising a child, though nowhere in the bible does it say thou shall be judged and deemed worthy of bearing young. A family should only require the seeking parents to be able to provide a stable home with love and support for the child, the sexuality of the parents shouldn't be an issue.

The bible has society filled with so much homophobia that they fear anyone or anything that associates with homosexuals will be damned to the eternal pits of hell.

This only further proves that society has a long way to evolve before the mental capacity of the people can broaden around the idea that homosexual's are capable of providing a caring family unit better than some of the heterosexual families that have subjected their children to atrocities such as being born with a drug addiction.

Seeing as the bible has been around for thousands of years and has laid a paved foundation for most of the laws and socially acceptable actions it's only wise in the sense of wanting to continue to rely on a way of life that has proven its usefulness. The people only want to see their culture prosper and even though it might be time for a change, our cultural evolution might not yet be ready for such actions.

Male, female, heterosexual, homosexual, neither of these should be a factor in what constitutes a family. When talking about a family unit I feel I must express my views about what determines one's ability to function as a prosperous member of a family unit. Gender is societies reason for why they deny who they deny, I have pondered about this subject and can only derive that it's only a homosexual phobia that can honesty explain why homosexuals are denied adoptive rights along with the right to marry. If a homosexual couple, be it male or female homosexuality, wishes to seek to adopt a child their sexual preferences shouldn't be a determining factor. If they do drugs, live a physically unsafe lifestyle, income, and ability to love should be what determine their eligibility. Homosexuality is only an issue in the minds of homophobic Neanderthals whose mental faucets aren't developed enough to accept god's creations in all their flaws and perfections.

Bibliography: Used my own views for writing this.