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Smoking is a bad habit that is most commonly acquired at a very young age. One of the most common reasons people start to smoke is because they were exposed to cigarettes in public. In this paper, I will argue that smoking should be banned from public areas. While doing that I will ensure that, the rights of the smoker will not be violated and they will be able to smoke with in reason. I will also explain the strategy that a smoker's advocate may use against me. For example, they feel discriminated and isolated because they are put into certain places where they are allowed to smoke. I think that isolating a smoker from nonsmokers is fair, because smokers should be in certain places when they are smoking so they don't harm non-smokers. What smokers do not realize is that second-hand smoke, also known as passive smoke, has been found to be as harmful if not more harmful to the health of the non-smokers who are helplessly exposed to the destructive smoke.

If you consider; "nearly 90% of lung cancer cases are smoking related, a 1997 study by the American Cancer Society revealed a 20% higher lung cancer death rate from lung cancer of nonsmoking women whose spouses were smokers. In the United States, approximately 1,500 women per year develop lung cancer due to second-hand or side stream smoke."� (lukanich), you will see that banning public smoking will help lower the risk of lung cancer for non-smokers.

One reason smoking should be banned from public areas is that it exposes children to cigarettes. There are many times when I see adults smoke in front of children. I see them smoke in public parks, in front of schools, and many other places where there are many children. I...