"No sugar" by Jack Davis

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If we skip thruogh the pages of Australian History we can see that racist attitudes towards aboriginal people have always been a significant issue. Since the arrival of the settlers aboriginal people have been fighting for thier survivaland thier rights as indigenous peple of this country. From the time of colonization until the 1970s aboroginal peopole were forced to assimilate within the European society. Thanks to Jack Davis these issues and themes have been forward and expolred deeply in his stage drama "No Sugar". "No Sugar" tells the story of an aborogial families struggle fo survival. During the Depression years.

In order to portray the white society's unfriendly and racist attiude of assimilatio and discrimination against aboroginal people, Davis constructs characters who are filled with fierce anger, frustration and opposition to the oppressing, paternalistic white socity, his construction of characters and thier situation Davis tries to make the audience out of thier camfort zone and show them the reality of abororginal life.

Jimmy Munday, one of the main characters in "No Sugar", is characterized as the activist as he tries to raise the aboroginal voice, challenging white ideologies and principles. Jimmy constantly attempts to rebel against white peoples treatment of aboroginals. For example aboroginal people were forceed to relocate from Northam ot Moore River settelement and the sole purpose of this was that some politicians were aiming to win the election, the removal of abororginal people from the homes for such selfish reasons reveals the racism in white authority.